Financial Plaza
Financial Plaza is a DLC map in Factions MP, released as part of a free DLC bundle to celebrate the launch of The Last of Us: Remastered. As the name suggests it is based on the 'Financial District' portion of the Pittsburgh chapter in the singleplayer campaign. It is where Joel and Ellie work together for the first time to clear out a group of Hunters; Joel gives Ellie a gun after the fight has finished. 


Financial Plaza is a mostly outdoor map which is extremely large (it is comparable in size to Lakeside). Snipers wil prevail in outdoor combat due to the long open range in the centre of the map however, on the sides of Financial Plaza, there are some tight and narrow indoor sections. Stealthing your way through these areas to flank the enemies is advised. On the whole long to medium range weapons will prevail on this map.

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