Executions are a gameplay mechanic in the Factions MP mode of The Last of Us.

General Information Edit

An execution is the killing of a player. Under most circumstances, players are downed when their health bar depletes. Upon being downed, they may still still crawl around and be revived by friendly players. Hostile players, on the other hand, can choose to execute them, thereby completely removing them from the game until they respawn. Once players are executed, they leave behind some ammunition of the type of weapon that was used to kill them, as well as two supply used toward sustaining player population. The player who downs the player being executed gains these supplies and ammo, as well as the player performing the execution. If one person performs both the downing and the executing, then they are the only ones awarded the ammo and supplies; they do not gain additional supplies and ammo for doing both deeds.

Executions may be performed in a couple of ways. The downed player may be executed by simply being attacked while in their downed state. Certain weapons are more efficient at doing this than others: the Hunting Rifle, for example, executes an un-armored downed opponent in one shot, while the 9mm requires multiple hits unless the wielder achieves a headshot. Downed players may have their armor removed while in a downed state while being executed. This also applies for certain special executions (see below).

If downed opponents are left alone for long enough, they bleed out. This counts as an execution towards the player who downed them. Certain weapons have the capability to instantly execute players. This includes molotov cocktails, the Flamethrower, and shivs. Extra parts are awarded for shivving and executing someone with a molotov cocktail.

Executions are awarded with 50 parts in Supply Raid, and 30 parts in Interrogation. In Supply Raid and Survivors, eliminating (and thus executing) opponents is the objective. In Interrogation mode, an interrogation (successful or not) counts as an execution.

Regular executions hold the advantage over special executions in that they are usually much quicker to perform. However, special executions award more parts.

Special ExecutionsEdit

Special executions are performed by pressing the triangle button when near enough to a downed opponent. The executor then undergoes an animation killing their victim. This animation takes roughly three seconds to execute, during which time they cannot control their actions and are vulnerable. While the animation requires 3 seconds, the executed player is considered dead by the game as soon as the animation begins, and even an interrupted special execution still yields a kill.

In return for pulling off a special execution, players are rewarded additional parts (+75 in Supply Raid and +50 in Interrogation). This number of parts may be increased through using the Executioner Survival Skill. Some special executions also come with other benefits. For example, some special executions that involve a headshot heal players that are using Sharpshooter 2 or 3; certain executions also remove the body armor of the victim.

The speed of special executions are greatly increased with the Lethal Efficiency survival skill.

In Interrogation, special executions cannot be performed until the team the player is on has acquired all information via interrogating. Interrogations take even more time than special executions to conduct, but are a vital part of the game mode and yield more parts. After all information has been interrogated out of the opposing team, players may perform special executions as usual.

DLC Special ExecutionsEdit

The new DLC executions are a customization feature in Factions. Each one can be turned on and off, due to technical limitations, several executions are unavailable for use on PS3. Here is a list of all the DLC executions, and their descriptions. The Shorty, Burst Pistol, Crossbow, Flamethrower and Launcher are unaffected by the DLC and use the default execution animations. Certain executions are also affected by Sharpshooter and Brawler, this varies on the execution animation.

Executions Edit

Assault Rifle/Specter Executions (PS4 only)

  • On the front: The player kicks the downed opponent and pins them down as they proceed to shoot them continuously.
  • On the back: The player slams the stock of the weapon into the side of their downed opponent and holds them down with their foot as they proceed to shoot them continuously.

Bow Executions

  • Throat stab: The player thrusts an arrow into the throat of the downed opponent and kicks them away.
  • Bullseye: The player shoots an arrow into the torso of their downed opponent and then an arrow in their head.

Long Gun Executions (PS4 only)

  • Neck snap: The player climbs behind the downed opponent and uses their weapon to snap their neck.
  • Walking while shooting: The player hits the downed opponent with their firearm and shoots them three times while walking by their body.

Pistol Executions:

  • Pistol whip: The player tackles the downed opponent and proceeds to beat them to death with their pistol.
  • Bullet spray: The player kicks the downed opponent and fires a flurry of shots from their pistol into the downed opponent. If done on an enemy wearing armor, this breaks their armor (chest armor only).

Revolver Executions

  • On the front: The player kicks the downed opponent onto their back and pins them down with their foot, the player then checks their ammo count before shooting them in the head.
  • On the back: The player slams the revolver onto the downed opponent as they proceed to spin the cylinder and shoots them in the head.

Rifle Executions

  • Kick: The player kicks their downed opponent in the face, then butts their rifle into their opponent's throat before shooting them in the head.
  • Scoped in: The player slams the rifle into the downed opponents face and zooms in on the scope as their opponent lies on the ground and proceeds to shoot them in the head.

Shiv Executions (PS4 only)

  • Throat slit: The player climbs onto the downed opponents back, pulls their head back and slashes their throat with a shiv.
  • Torso stab: The player stabs their downed opponent several times in the torso.

Shiv Kill These executions are performed only on non-downed opponents who have been stunned by Smoke Bombs.

  • From behind: The player grabs their opponent and stabs them in the leg, ribs and in the back of the head with a shiv.
  • From the front: The player stabs their opponent three times in the stomach with a final stab in the heart.

Shotgun Executions

  • On the front: The player slams the stock of the shotgun onto the downed opponent and pins them down with their foot. The opponent attempts to pull the shotgun away as the player pulls it back and shoots them in the head.
  • On the back: The player slams the stock of the shotgun onto the downed opponent, knocking them on their back. As the player is about to shoot them, the opponent pulls it away causing the player to misfire and shoot their leg. The player then readjusts their aim and shoots them in the head.