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Weapon Type Pistol
Clip Capacity 7
Max Ammo 22
Fire Rate 6
Reload Speed 6
upgrades available
Clip Capacity 11
Power 4
Range 6

 The Enforcer is a pistol that is a multiplayer only weapon in The Last of Us. It is accessible with the "Grounded" DLC.


Unlike some of the other small guns, the Enforcer costs one loadout point to equip. It can be suppressed, which costs another two loadout points.

A very versatile pistol with good range and accuracy, the Enforcer downs targets in four hits to the body, two to the head, or one to the head and two to the body. This makes it weaker per shot than the Revolver, but marginally stronger than the 9mm Pistol. It has a greater magazine capacity and fire rate than the revolver, and no major weaknesses when compared to the 9mm Pistol: its fire rate is just marginally slower when un-upgraded, but (when upgraded) it has one of the fastest fire rates in the game. Thanks to its fast fire rate and relatively high damage, the Enforcer has the fastest time to kill of the pistols. This is balanced by the fact that it requires one loadout point to equip, while the others are free. It can therefore essentially be viewed as a superior version of the 9mm, the only downside being is how it is more expensive.

One could pair it well with a Specter to cover the weapons weakness in close range combat or even use it in a pistol-only, in which Gunslinger is an ideal perk to match with. It could even work well with a Frontier or Hunting rifle to secure a down due to its accuracy at a distance.


The enforcer deals 25 damage per shot to the body, or one and a quarter bars of health. Headshots deal 50 damage, instead. Oddly, this makes headshots for the enforcer weaker than headshots from the 9mm pistol. In practical terms, this means that headshots with the enforcer are less useful against wounded enemies than the 9mm pistol, although against uninjured enemies both are equally effective, despite the Enforcer taking only four shots to down an enemy compared to the 9mm needing five.

Upgrading to level 1 costs 300 parts while fully upgrading the Enforcer costs an additional 500 parts.

Firing Rate

Firing Rate

Reload Speed

Reload Speed







  • The Enforcer appears to be based on the Desert Eagle .50 AE with a black finish, which uses .50 caliber ammunition.


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