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Double Barrel
Double barrel
Weapon Type Long gun
Clip Capacity 2
Max Ammo 10
Fire Rate 6
Reload Speed 4
upgrades available
Power 6
Range 5

 The Double Barrel is a multiplayer-only weapon that belongs in the long gun group.


The Double Barrel only takes up one loadout point as a purchasable gun. Furthermore, it is the cheapest purchasable weapon in the game, costing 260 parts, and 4 shells are purchased each time. It deals 3 bars of damage per shot at point blank or very close range; at its maximum range it deals only one bar of damage per shot. These characteristics make it very similar to the Shorty, which also requires 1 loadout point by default, takes two shots to down targets, and can hold two shells. It has marginally faster reloading speed than the Shorty, but the upgraded Shorty has a better reload speed and can be suppressed.

The biggest difference between the two (and the main reason players choose the Double Barrel over the Shorty) is that using the Shorty prevents the user from carrying a pistol, while the double barrel needs to be purchased, making that pistol slot free. This enables players to make their class more versatile rather than being completely restricted to a closeup secondary weapon.

Although it is a double-barreled shotgun and not pump action, it still has a noticeable delay between shots. Its advantage lies in its very cheap cost, not its damage output.

Due to its high damage but slow fire rate, the Double Barrel pairs well with high damage weapons, such as the Bow, Frontier Rifle or Hunting Rifle. A shot with the Double Barrel followed by a shot from these guarantees a quick down at close ranges. A 2x4 is also a good combination with this gun for similar reasons.

The weapon is therefore best used as a follow up weapon and something to take it the one remaining loadout point point in loadout that can't be improved with a mere one point.


Firing Rate

Firing Rate

Reload Speed

Reload Speed







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