Crafter is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us.

Skill InformationEdit

Level 1 (2 loadout points)- Craft items 75% faster.

Level 2 (4 loadout points)- Craft items 75% faster and for every 3 items you craft, you will receive a giftbox. Equip this giftbox using the up d-pad and you can give it to an ally.

Level 3 (6 loadout points)- Craft items 75% faster and for every 2 items you craft, you will receive a giftbox. Equip this giftbox using the up d-pad and you can give it to an ally.

General InformationEdit

The crafter skill significantly increases the speed at which the user creates items. As players are vulnerable and immobile while crafting, this reduces the risk of being attacked and killed while crafting items.

Crafter 2  and 3 generate gifts after 3 or 2 items have been created, respectively. Gifts are created upon crafting two or three items depending on the level. Gifts take the appearance of a small off-white box, and are randomly generated to be any craftable item excluding Shivs and modded 2x4s. Should a player make progress toward gaining a gift, but then switch to a class that does not have crafter 2 or 3, all progress is lost.

Gifting items grants the gifter 100 parts (this cannot be increased through boosters and the Collector skill). This effectively means that for each item crafted at level two, the user is gaining an extra 33 parts on top of the 30 parts for crafting an item; at level 3, this is increased to 50 extra parts. The player's team also benefits from the extra crafted items; a team using crafter 2 and 3 can expect to have greater destructive potential due to the extra nail bombs, smoke bombs and molotov cocktails created as gifts. Crafting items that require fewer materials, such as shivs and smoke bombs instead of molotovs and smoke bombs, help increase the total number of gifts created. 

Gifts cannot be given to someone who is already at maximum capacity for the item. For example, a Molotov Cocktail gift cannot be given to someone who already has three molotovs.

As lockboxes drop more crafting items the more heavily the user's team is losing, crafter and its variants are more useful while the user is on the losing team; on the other hand, it is nearly useless if the player's team is heavily winning, as lockboxes drop nearly no crafting materials in such circumstances.

Crafter synergizes well with level 3 Scavenger, which causes enemies to sometimes drop crafting items upon being downed. Coupled with Collector (which still increases parts for crafting items themselves), a crafter class can quickly earn many parts without even entering combat. Crafter also stacks with the faster crafting speed Brawler grants to modified melee weapons, allowing players to create them near-instantly. Finally, Lucky Break can help ensure that Crafter users consistently receive good loot fom boxes--particularly if they are winning heavily.

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