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Covert Training is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us.

Skill InformationEdit

Level 1 (2 loadout points)- Start with a Shiv upon spawning.

Level 2 (4 loadout points)- You won't show up in the enemy's listen mode when crouch walking, and start with a shiv on each spawn. This level of covert training synergizes well with Sharp Ears 3, which enables fast crouch walking while in Listen Mode.

Level 3 (5 loadout points)- You can't be marked, won't show up in the enemy's listen mode when crouch walking, and start with a shiv when you spawn.

General InformationEdit

Unlike crafted shivs, the shiv granted here has only one use before breaking. Should the player switch to a class without covert training after dying but before using the shiv, the shiv still carries over to their new life. Should the shiv be broken, respawning with a class with covert training grants a new shiv. The rules of the shiv granted by level 1 covert training applies to level 2 and 3. Users of Covert Training are not granted a new shiv upon respawning if they already have a shiv.

Covert Training allows users to operate outside of enemy sight better. This survival skill is particularly useful for surprising enemies and infiltrating enemy lines when using Level 2 or 3. Covert Training works well with Agility, to lessen the speed penalty while crouch-walking. 

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