Checkpoint is a multiplayer map in Factions MP. The area is based on an abandoned quarantine zone in Pittsburgh.


This map takes place in an abandoned quarantine zone. Here, the Hunters and Fireflies fight over the few remaining supplies that weren't looted prior to the outbreak, using the red loot boxes scattered around the map. At the start of the match, the Hunters will spawn at the Garden Office Park and the Fireflies will spawn at the firehouse. 


This map has lots of areas that can be used as cover, using the abandoned vehicles, equipment, and the checkpoint in the middle of the map, whenever you're reloading your weapon or crafting an item. The Garden Office Park and the firehouse on the second floor offers a great sniping point, as it give you a wide field of view.

Between the Real Estate Insurance and Metro Deli Grocery, the loot box that sits in the middle of the room is where some of the fight will be at the start of the match. It's rare that someone can make a Molotov or Nail Bomb at the start, but if they have, they might have an extreme advantage. Smoke bombs can also be used to hide yourself while collecting the supplies. The various businesses around the map can be defended, especially to keep the loot boxes away from the enemy. However, they offer few escape routes if you are ambushed. It is not recommandend to defend the checkpoint in the middle of the map, as you will be ambushed from all sides, especially if someone throws a Molotov over the wall.

The Shotgun is a must have weapon for this map since there are many tight spaces in the buildings that will result in the enemies running straight at you, guaranteeing you a kill with the shotgun. It is also a great weapon to use since the best rooms for camping are extremely small so you can force the opponents to funnel right at you during last mans standings. These rooms also have small cover in the corners for smoke bombs and molotovs are useless unless they enter the room.

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