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Capitol is a DLC map in Factions MP, available as a part of the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack. It is based off the Capitol Building in Boston where Joel, Ellie and Tess are supposed to rendezvous with the Fireflies in the single player campaign.


Capitol is a fairly standard online map in The Last of Us, so the general tips and tricks apply. Capitol spices things up, however, by adding hilly terrain to the mix. Battles taking place on this hill are very mixed and it takes only one down for the entire enemy team to gain the upper hand. Cover is readily available so it is far more difficult for snipers in this area (and across the map in general). Short and medium range weapons triumph once again. When fighting on the hill/sloped section of the map, attempt to push upwards to higher ground. In this way, you can roll bombs down the map towards your enemies. This also means the effective range of your projectiles is longer than that of your foes. 

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