Bricks are throwable objects that appear in The Last of Us.

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Bricks can be used to distract enemies or, when thrown directly at an enemy, stun them, much like an empty bottle. They do not stun armored enemies (including Bloaters). They are an extremely effective melee weapon, as using bricks on enemies kills them within three hits, and these bricks respawn infinitely. However after using a brick as a melee weapon multiple times in a row, the game seems to balance it out to prevent you from having unlimited melee weapons, by making them break in one hit. But using other attacks in between brick kills will prevent this from happening. All bricks are red with two rows of four holes. People seen using bricks are Joel, Ellie, Riley and Tommy.

Brick respawn times are longer on the more difficult levels. On grounded, bricks take 3 minutes to respawn.

Throwing a brick as a distraction will cause AIs pre-scripted paths to be interrupted, making it possible for them to go anywhere they want.

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