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Biographical information
Born Late 1980s
Age(d) Mid 40's
Status Alive
Affiliation(s) Joel, Tess
Resides Lincoln, Massachusetts, U.S.
Weapon(s) used 9mm Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Bow, Machete, Nail Bomb
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Race Caucasian-American
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Game information
Voiced by W. Earl Brown
Mo-capped by W. Earl Brown
"Once upon a time, I had somebody that I cared about. It was a partner. Somebody I had to look after. And in this world, that sort of shit's good for one thing: Gettin' you killed."
―Bill's warning

Bill is a character who appears in The Last of Us. He is a survivor who maintains an uneasy alliance with Joel and Ellie. He is voiced and mo-capped by W. Earl Brown.[1]


Background & Early lifeEdit

Nothing is known about Bill's life before the outbreak, but it is possible that he was a mechanic at some point, as he is highly skilled at repairing vehicles and building things out of scrap. At some point prior to the events of The Last of Us, Bill and his partner Frank were the only survivors living in Lincoln, a town that was populated by an unusually large number of Infected. However, at some point, Frank left Bill on his own and disappeared. To protect himself from the Infected and the Hunters, Bill constructed many barricades and traps. He also had a smuggling arrangement with Joel and Tess in nearby Boston, smuggling supplies such as food, ammunition, and occasionally medicine into the quarantine zone. By the time the events of the game transpire, Bill owed Joel many favors, for unknown reasons.

Events of The Last of UsEdit

"After this, I owe you nothin'."
―Bill to Joel[2]

Much to Bill's dismay, Joel and Ellie arrive at his safe house in the town of Lincoln, disabling his traps and alerting an overwhelming swarm of the Infected to their presence in the process. Bill subdues both of them, although they quickly escape thanks to Ellie.

After a brief argument, Joel asks Bill for a car, supplemented by Ellie reminding Bill about the favors he owes to Joel. Bill says he does not have a working car, but there are car parts located in another area of the town. Bill agrees to put together a car for Joel and Ellie, but tells them that once it is done, he owes Joel no more favors. Joel agrees to his terms.

On the way, they find the body of Frank, Bill's former partner, in a nearby home. He had hung himself after becoming infected, not wanting to turn into a monster. Despite trying not to let it show, Bill is saddened by his death. Joel finds a suicide note near Frank's body in which Frank tells Bill that he hated his guts. Bill is taken aback by this, but again does his best not to let it show. He throws the note away after reading it.

They find a working truck in Frank's garage, and after they get it started Joel tells Bill that they are square; Bill no longer owes him anything. Bill then tells Joel to "get the fuck out" of his town. It is unknown what happened to him after they left though it can be assumed he is still alive given by how he never goes near infected if he can help it and fortified the church and the nearby streets with several traps.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"You're lucky you're still drawing breath. That was plan A, B, C, all the way to fuckin' Z!"
―Bill, to Joel.

Bill is extremely paranoid and somewhat quirky - often carrying on conversations or playing chess with himself. When talking to other people he is extremely sarcastic. He is ultra-vigilant with strangers, always inspecting them to ensure they are not infected. He is also quite hasty in making decisions, adding more to his uptight personality. His base is heavily protected with booby traps and mines that he crafts and arms himself.

It is implied that Bill is gay, and he mentions his former partner Frank. He says that although he once cared about him, he decided it would be best to go it alone, fearing for his life. Bill is saddened when they later find Frank's body. Ellie steals a gay pornographic magazine from Bill's safe house, jokingly asking Joel, "Why are the pages all stuck together?". He is overweight and Ellie frequently insults him about this, telling him that he could afford to lose some of his food. Their banter escalates further when, immediately before setting out into the streets of Lincoln to scavenge auto parts, he implores Joel and Ellie to "Stay right on my ass", and Ellie replies "Can't miss it."

Bill is easy to anger, threatening the teenage Ellie several times for her sharp tongue, but is also willing to help pay off debts and assist certain allies, as seen in his eventual agreement to repair a vehicle for Joel if they can source the parts.

Bill is extremely paranoid shown by how he doesn't even trust Joel when he says he's not infected at first. It is also shown by how he talks to himself constantly and leaves notes to himself scattered around town. He probably keeps his mind off the infected by playing chess though since he plays by himself, this could just be another trait of his paranoid personality. It is unknown if this came before or after the outbreak, though likely after.

It's possible that his paranoia came from the disappearance of Frank and his isolation in the town filled with infected. However, it may also be due to his desperation to survive and his strictness, or possibly his hunger as it is noted that Frank disappeared with a majority of his supplies.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Bill is a skilled mechanic that knows how to repair cars and craft things with just scraps and spare parts. Perhaps his most impressive display of his crafting skills is his skill in inventing the Nail Bomb. He uses these to set several traps around his town to kill infected and ward off intruders.

He is also skilled with a Bow, using it to kill infected from a distance and in high areas. Despite this, he prefers to use a shotgun and his custom machete for close quarter combat. He uses his shotgun to kill a Bloater, the strongest type of infected, along with Joel. He also uses a 9mm pistol as well, though only as a last resort.



  • Ellie: "So... why don't you fix one of these cars?"
    • (Sarcastically) "Oh, my god, you're a genius. I mean the whole time, why on earth hadn't I thought about fixin' one of these cars?"
    • Ellie: "Okay... don't be a dick."
    • "Their tires are rotted and their batteries are dead."
  • "What are you delivering? That little brat?"
    • Ellie: "Haha. Fuck you too."
  • "Alright... You gotta check the barricades again. You neglect the simple shit and now you're paying for it."
    • Ellie: "Okay, well now he's talking to himself."
  • "You know, as bad as those things are, at least they're predictable. It's the normal people that scare me."
  • Joel: "You sure that gate's gonna hold 'em?"
    • "Well, I locked it. They don't have a key."
  • "Seriously, you gotta take that kid back to where ya found her."
  • "So, you know what I did? I wisened the fuck up. And I realized it's gotta be just me."
  • Ellie: "I'm just fixing your stupid pile!"
    • "Don't touch!"
  • "This... is a nail bomb."
  • "But, fuck it. Joel needs a car!"
  • "That's not the confessional booth, that's my room."
  • "Yeah, sure Joel, go ahead, take my car. Take all of my food too while you're at it."
    • Ellie: "By the looks of it, you could lose some of that food."
    • "You listen to me, you little shit -"
    • Ellie: "No, fuck you. You handcuffed me!"
  • "We square?"
    • Joel: "We're square."
    • "Then get the fuck out of my town."



  • It is implied that Bill is aware of Joel's past before the outbreak.
  • Bill uses a Kukri, a unique machete with a design that hails originally from Nepal.
  • It is implied that Bill is also proficient with a bow. When Joel and Ellie spot an Infected that was killed with arrows, Ellie asks if his friend was good with a bow, to which Joel confirms.
    • Despite this, Bill is actually never seen with a bow in the game.
  • Bill appears to be a fan of Chess, as he has a chessboard in one of his safehouses and references Bobby Fischer, a world-famous American chess world champion and grandmaster.
  • Bill's backpack is the model used for the Hunters' in the Multiplayer.
  • Bill never finds out during the game that Tess is actually deceased. When asked, Joel just says that she is "busy".
  • Bill is shown using a 9mm pistol during cutscenes, but in-game he uses a Revolver. His pistol disappears once he gets his shotgun in the church. The 9mm returns in the cutscene when they drop Bill off at his safehouse.


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