Ben Glueck is a character who is mentioned in The Last of Us. He is a member of the Fireflies.


Background & Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Ben Glueck before the outbreak happened. Sometime after the outbreak, he joined the Fireflies and eventually lost his dog tag or died.

Events of The Last of UsEdit

In The Last of Us, Glueck's Firefly pendant can be found as a collectible in the chapter "The Quarantine Zone"

Ben Glueck's Firefly Pendant is the second collectible Firefly Pendant that can be found in The Last of Us. It can be found in the chapter "The Quarantine Zone".


A pendant worn by the members of the Fireflies.


Ben Glueck's Firefly Pendant can be found in the chapter "The Quarantine Zone" during the section "Outside the Wall". The pendant is suspended from a tree to the left of the area where Joel warns Tess to watch out for soldiers after jumping over the barricade. It needs to be shot or hit with a throwable object to get it down.

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