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Awareness is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us, available as a part of the Situational Survival Skills Bundle. The description reads: "See enemy nametags before they see yours and enemy nametags remain on screen for several seconds when taking fire."

Skill informationEdit

Level 1 (1 loadout point) - Enemy nametags remain on screen for 5 seconds when you take damage.

Level 2 (3 loadout points) - Enemy nametags appear on screen at twice the normal distance and remain on screen when you take damage for 10 seconds.

General overview Edit

Awareness can be used in creative ways to locate enemies. Walking in flames left by an enemy molotov, for example, can reveal their location even if they are no longer near the area. Awareness can be useful in a heated firefight where there are multiple enemies to keep track of, to avoid being flanked, better identify escape routes, and hunt down escaping enemies. It also detects the direction of an enemy who just shot the player with silenced weapons, allowing the player to take cover in the appropriate right angle. While the detection range is doubled, it goes even further when aiming on a scoped weapon. Enemies with or without Covert Training will be easily detected when they are behind cover.

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