There are several animals appearing in The Last of Us and Left Behind . Some of them actually play an important role in the story, while others serve as scenery.


A cat can be seen in Left Behind, where it scares Ellie twice by running on the ventilation, perhaps associating itself with its symbolism of the devil; Ellie jokes that's it's "trying to kill [her]".


Crabs can be seen at the beach in The Suburbs, particularly near Ish's trawler.


Crows can be heard in some certain parts of the game. Typical of its symbolism of death, they are seen roaming around an RV filled with corpses at Salt Lake City.


A deer can be seen in the winter chapter, when Ellie tries to hunt it down with a Bow. She manages to kill it on the edge of the woods after wounding it with an arrow. Ellie later trades the carcass to David in exchange for medicine. A picture of a deer in a snow covered forest was present in Joel's room during the initial outbreak, foreshadowing Ellie's subsequent encounter with one.


In the main game, several dogs can be seen or heard. Joel and Sarah appeared to own a dog, since one can be heard barking until they are killed. Two dogs are seen in The Quarantine Zone, when Joel and Tess cross the street; they are presumably guard dogs, since they are in a kennel waiting to be sold. They bark and scratch against the fence as their owner remarks they have been sold earlier in the day. Two more dogs are seen in The Suburbs; they run away as Joel approaches them. They may have been owned by the Hunters, or they might have been strays. Buckley is a named dog belonging to Tommy. Tommy describes him as "not much of a guard dog, but is good to have [him] around", a clear contrast to those seen earlier in the game; he indirectly characterises Tommy's community as calm and peaceful compared to Boston's violent and rattled occupants.


An egret can be seen before briefly when reaching Bill's Town.


Main article: Giraffes

Giraffes are a prominent motif within the game, appearing as toys and even posters at different points in the game, which foreshadows the encounter with a herd of them in Salt Lake City.


Horses are present in the main game, the DLC and in the American Dreams comics. They serve as transportation for humans. In the main game, Tommy's group owns several horses, one of them being Callus, the horse that takes Joel and Ellie to the University of Eastern Colorado and Lakeside Resort. He is later shot dead and scavenged by a group of Cannibals. Callus also appears in Left Behind, however, he can't be ridden and he is only present inside a store where Joel is unconscious. Another horse called Princess appears in American Dreams.

Horses are usually associated with wealth and war, reflected when Ellie flees from the Cannibals using Callus to ride off, symbolically mirroring a cavalry charge in war. The attackers even shoot the horse, as was typical during cavalry charges for the attackers to disable the horse before the rider. Callus' name, more directly, symbolizes how Tommy and Joel's relationship has repaired; a callus having formed over the wound.


Monkeys can be seen at the University. Recorders reveal that some monkeys were part of some tests involving the Cordyceps Brain Infection and some of them were infected. One even bit a member of the Fireflies, causing him to commit suicide to avoid turning in to an Infected. This did not prevent a second outbreak there, however. Due to the passage of time, no infected monkeys are seen in the actual game.


Rabbits are seen in Bill's TownTommy's Dam and at the beginning of the Winter chapter. When Ellie first saw a rabbit she was fascinated by it. Paradoxically, when she sees one looking around the area in Lakeside, she killed it with a Bow, displaying how Ellie's innocence has decreased throughout the story.


Rats can be seen in most parts of the game, mainly in the Boston QZ, at the Hotel lobby in Pittsburgh, in the sewers in the Suburbs, and finally in the abandoned house in Jackson. Ellie appears to hate rats, since she mentions that she used to shoot rats with an air rifle and says "Yeesh, that is a big rat" when she faces one in the sewers.


Squirrels can be seen in the beginning of the University chapter and at Jackson during the epilogue.

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