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Agility is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us, available as a part of the Situational Survival Skills Bundle. The description reads: "Climb, vault, and move while crouching faster than you could before. At level 3 you are nearly impossible to hear while moving."

Skill informationEdit

Level 1 (2 loadout points) - Crouch walk very quickly.

Level 2 (4 loadout points) - You are nearly impossible to hear while moving. Walk, climb and crouch walk very quickly.

Note: The third level of Agility was removed. Level 2 Agility is currently equal to what Agility 3 used to be in terms of effectiveness.

General informationEdit

Agility is useful for flanking classes, and stacks well with Covert Training as it silences footsteps and reduces crouch-walking's shortcoming of slower movement speed. Although footstep sounds are rather quiet by default, players tend to grunt loudly when they fall from great heights. Agility eliminates this noise. The increased movement speed allows the player to catch up to a Shiv target without needing to run, and the fast movements and vaulting allows the player to make a quick escape / evasion if they are spotted.

Agility level 2 boosts crouch walking speed by 19%, and climbing by 35%.

The second level of Agility is granted as part of a package provided by the Lone Wolf skill, making equipping both Agility and Lone Wolf to be a redundant waste of loadout points.

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