When Bill says "i don't owe you THIS much," Joel says "Actually, Bill, you do."

It must have been a hell of a --something--, because Bill goes on an incredibly dangerous mission without the slightest objection.

Oh, he has plenty of objection to smartmouth Ellie, my sass hero! But he never questions that he needs to do all this for Joel.

They both use to be hunters, right? That means they attacked people and took their shit (I think). It had to be MUCH more than merely saving his life. That would happen just by Joel shooting a fungus monster attacking Bill.

Anybody have any idea WTH Joel could have done to make Bill THAT grateful, given the amorality of this world? I can't even think of what it MIGHT be. Has Neil slipped something at a con? Anything?

I'll even entertain baseless suggestions!

Is it possible to use rich text when entering a new topic (like this one)? I hate capitalizing when I really want italics.