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How is Joel not dead?

That hole on his stomach was too big there is no chance to survive that maybe if you get medic right after but he got out of the hospital and got up to the horse then he fell down and somehow Ellie put him back up. Probably they travelled for hours on the horse. He would bleed out in minutes.
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It’s a game
I know but it would be better if the spike would hit Joel's gun and the damage wouldn't be that big because his gun is at the back tucked into his trousers where the hole was.
Damn I actually was thinking that upon my second playthrough of TLOU. It looks very brutal, and the amount of time it would've taken for Ellie to get Joel to the mall in Left Behind, he could've lost a lot of blood. Unless there is some way that the mall was extremely close to the University seen in Act 3 (Fall).
He is an badass. That is the intere reason
*He is a badass. That is the enrite reason. Learn english before writing some nonsense.
As soon as I saw that, I said "game flaw." The rebar wouldn't just make him bleed, it would cause massive internal damage, like tear open his stomach or intestines.

It should have been a bullet, or something much thinner, at most an arrow.

Another flaw is that he was in septic shock (because antibiotic cured him), and was completely cured by a single shot of penicillin. That's outrageous.
► Learn english before writing some nonsense.

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