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what i think that would be slightly true is Joel being dead. i mean Naughty Dog is full of surprises so who actually knows? i am crazy obsessed with this game you guys have no ideaa, and i'm new to this app so hello :). i'm looking forward to having more discussions with you guys
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Sup I don't really use this app I mostly go on Amino it's like twitter and IG combined but for games and other things that u want 2 search up
Lol did you even watch the trailer hes not dead
I hope he's not dead.
I don't know, Joel died. I just don't think the game would b the same without him.
Theres no reason why she would kill joel if thats what you're saying
The trailer didn't show his face and I don't give a fuck I will kill him if I have to in the second game
The way Ellie would be able to kill Joel unless he was infected. They have a strong bond.
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